IATA Foundation Course

What are My Employment Options After Completing the IATA Foundation Course?

IATA or the International Air Transport Association has industry responsive courses that vary from foundation to advance level. Many IATA training centres in Delhi are offering career oriented IATA foundation program that is useful for the students into gaining industry wide knowledge and attaining globally recognized qualification.

Why IATA foundation course?

Starting off early is better with IATA foundation course that can be done as soon as you complete your 10+2. The foundation course is a globally recognized course. It includes quality training products important for anyone who wishes to upgrade their knowledge and skills required for making a career in travel industry.

The course helps you gain a foothold in the travel industry with opportunities like travel consultants, work in travel companies, work in MNCs and seek employment anywhere in the world as travel planners.
There are many opportunities for you if you opt for IATA training course, these are as follows:

Private Sectors

Travel Agents

As a travel agent you will be engaged in marketing and selling activities related to tours organized for several destinations. Whether it is domestic or international, your task would be to manage it all. You will be more like a travel retailer who will be selling trips and plans to groups as well as individuals. All this is due to the increasing demand in the tourism sector at domestic and international level. Another factor is demand for online agents by travelers who want the entire itinerary to be planned including booking tickets at their convenience.

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Tour Operators

You will be dealing in destination and travel management, organize packaged holiday tours and even engaged in selling it to the customers. Taking care of all the necessary obligations related to the tours, travel bookings as per the client needs, boarding, lodging, food and itinerary are the duties involved in the profile of tour operators.

Public Sector

The public sector comprises of many departments that are governing the operations of state as well as national level tourism activities. Knowing what each governing body does will help you understand what job prospects are available for you or where you fit in exactly.

Department of Tourism

You can work in this government department that is responsible for policy formulation. The tourism industry is governed through it and it is headed by the Union minister. Career opportunities include ticketing assistants, tour operator, operations executive, immigration consultant and reservation executive.

Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)

This government department is engaged in publishing and distributing literature in India. The responsibilities include disseminating information related to the tourism industry, activities and other such related news or events. ITDC hotels are run by this government body. You will be able to seek employment as hotel operations executive, manage events, be employed as marketing executives, and be involved in all the activities related to the ITDC.

State Tourism Corporations

Promoting tourist destinations related to states is what this government body does. Each state has its own state corporation that governs all the promotional activities that are similar to ITDC but limited within their state.

These options are just a few of the plethora of opportunities available for you. It is essential to understand that as you learn more and develop your skills, you will be able to get a good job. Eventually with more experience you will advance to a higher position and get more out of your professional experience. Having a professional qualification thus makes you eligible for achieving heights in the industry and serve as an advantage for you.

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