Cabin Crew Training

What is Cabin Crew Assessment Day like?

Cabin crew assessment day is the first critical step towards a successful career as a Flight Attendant. Although complex, the Assessment Day is quite straightforward, especially if you prepare for its various stages beforehand.  Here are some great tips to help you qualify the assessment day.

First things first, before we start learning about ways to shine on the Cabin Crew Assessment Days, let us first learn what an Assessment Day means. The invitation for an Assessment Day is extended only to certain candidates who have passed the initial online process based on their CVs.  

Career of cabin crew

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To make the assessment day a success, keep some of these handy tips in mind.

Practise in advance:

It is always advisable to practice well in advance. Look for typical interview questions on the internet. Look up websites that provide mock interview content. Rehearse the answers. Prepare well. Stay confident.

Dress professionally.

Impeccably dressing for the interview helps you cast a good first impression on the judges’ panel. The first few minutes are crucial to make it an everlasting impression. Make sure you are dressed in business clothes, which must be neat & clean. Boys should have short, clean hair. Girls should tie their hair in a neat bun. Also, revise whatever you learnt in your Cabin crew training courses . Do some research on how to present yourself as a cabin crew.

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Don’t put others down:

During team work, make sure you do not talk ill about anyone. Speak appropriately. Encourage others, listen carefully.

Be Friendly:

Greet everyone with a smile and try to have a friendly demeanor. Try to bond or mix with all people you meet. a nice & friendly behavior will present you as an excellent candidate with good interactional & communication skills. It will promote you as a team worker.
Do remember, things don’t always work out. Don’t be disheartened in case something goes wrong. Do your best. Success will be yours. Just keep on trying without failing. Cabin crew training courses will be extremely useful in preparing you for the crucial day.

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