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What Personality Traits Ensure A ‘Great’ Flight?

This question is one which is very crucial to all aviation students. The answer holds a lot of importance, especially for those who aspire to be air hostesses or cabin crews. All air hostesses are poised, professional and friendly. By looking at them, it is difficult to pinpoint what makes best, good and bad air hostesses or cabin crew professionals. From the look of it, all of them wear the same dress and do the same kind of job. Still, there is intense competition in the career of cabin crew.

So what is it that distinguishes the best from the rest? What are the traits that make for an excellent flight attendant?

First of all, it is very important for professionals to strive for being the best. It takes a lot of dedication, work, understanding and awareness to be the best in what you do. If you want to be a cabin crew or an air hostess, why not be the best in the industry?

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Secondly, be kind to all your passengers and peers. One act of kindness will go a long way in boosting your career. Be real. How you treat an individual selflessly shows up your character more than anything else in life. You may feel that the new air hostess or the cabin attendant who has just joined in is your competition, but if you are secure about yourself, there is nothing to be worry about.

Another way to make a great flight is to shoulder more responsibility to ensure a memorable customer experience. Always greet passengers with a smile, take a resolve to work hard, and most importantly, be patient. Patience can be your biggest virtue in this profession. Most of the times, passengers sit in an aircraft completely stressed. Cabin crew or flight attendants have this uncanny ability to observe the body language and understand the plight of the passengers. Ensure that you make as many passengers as possible smile. As one top flight attendant shares, “It is extremely rewarding when passengers come to me and say that I am the best flight attendant they have ever had. What did I do to get such a compliment? Just smiled, showed some empathy or may be held their kids when things went out of control.”

Your looks are important but it is your personality that defines you. It also defines what makes a great flight.

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