Why Choose Career in Travel and Tourism?

Completed your graduation or 10+2 and wondering what to do next? If you have a pleasant personality and have a love for travelling, a career in the travel and tourism industry would be perfect for you.

With India becoming a more prominent player at the global tourism scene, its rapidly-growing tourism industry is on the lookout for candidates. Now, before we jump in and start looking for courses right away, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should choose a career in travel and tourism.

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  1. Growth Opportunities

The economic scenario in India is supporting the induction of fresh talents in various industries while the most significant level of demand for personnel is coming from the travel and tourism industry. The tourism industry is a large umbrella under which there are smaller sectors. Starting from aviation to hospitality management, you can choose from a range of profiles.

In the coming years, Indian aviation and tourism will play a key role at the global scale. Hence, the amount of opportunity will only increase significantly, along with the pay scale and bonuses. Due to the variety of sectors, the rise in position is also practically endless as you can always elevate to a higher level within your organization or within the overall industry.

  1. Always on the Move

The love for travelling is integral to working in the travel and tourism industry. A career as a tour operator, you get the opportunity to see exotic destinations and meet new people from all around the world.

A job that pays you to travel with guests from all parts of the world is something right out of a dream! No wonder so many people have chosen a career in this industry.

  1. A Lucrative Future

A career in travel and tourism leads you towards a self-sustainable future. You can run your own business once the love of a job in tourism wears away. You can own a restaurant or hotel, run a car rental service, or travel agency.

On the other hand, if business is not your forte, you can always become an independent tour guide and accompany tourists and delegates to exotic places.

  1. Skills That Help You Everywhere

No other job in the world teaches you as many transferrable skills like a job in travel and tourism. From organization skills and communication skills to time management, risk analysis and problem solving skills, a career in travel and tourism will open several other doors for you such as translator, operations manager, teacher, sales executive etc.

  1. Variety of Job Roles

With so many niche roles, the travel and tourism industry offers an array of options. From being a tour operator to being a ticketing executive, you can scour through several job roles and choose which ones fits your skill set the best.

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The growing world of travel and tourism in India is going to be even bigger and better in the coming years. With so many reasons to choose a career in the industry, you can make your mind easily. The potential of a career in travel and tourism is immense.

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