Why is Travel and Tourism Course a Hot Choice for Millennial Across the World?

Travel and tourism industry is booming with opportunities, and a course in the same field is your guaranteed entry ticket into the business. There are numerous courses to choose from, and you might end up in a dilemma as to which course best fits your bill.
As we all know, the world is shrinking by day, and national boundaries are becoming superficial. With this dynamism around the globe, we’re witnessing an unprecedented surge in travel spends and revenues. Today, many companies have become transnational, and their employees have to take business trips every now and then.

Alternatively, there are tourists who travel for pleasure, sight-seeing and world-exploration. It is of no surprise that travel has emerged as a naturally occurring hobby in every individual. Airline industry has been growing at an exceptional rate, foreign travel has become a common place and global events are becoming ubiquitous by the day.

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What this means for a travel professional?

As a specialist, you’re bound to be graced with millions of opportunities and that will continue to expand as your climb your way up within the industry. Variety is the name of the game here, and unlike other profession, you’ve a choice for a venturous lifestyle of a travel writer, photographer and inbound tour guide.

On the other side of the coin, you may choose to wear the hat of customer service executive, ticketing and reservation officer, airport ground handling staff and many more positions which are more focused on the typical 9-5 jive.

What makes this business all the more magnetic is the ease at which anyone can enter it. The courses that typically teach you the ins and outs of this business typically range from 5 to 10 months in duration. Travel and Tourism courses put you on the fast-track of career trajectory. In medical or engineering domain, you’re expected to invest at least 4 years to graduate.

By the time other’s graduate, you’re well on your way to claiming the throne (becoming a manager). While you friends wait for end of year to get a chance to take a vacation in a new country, you’d be already ticking it off your bucket list. You’d be astonished to find that the list of perks offered in this industry is endless.

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So now that you’re ready to board the flight that leads to tourism industry, here are the possible job opportunities that should consider.

1. Air hostess & Flight Steward
2. Airline Handling
3. Travel Agencies
4. Tour Operators
5. Hospitality
6. Cruise
7. International Tourism Board
8. Ground Handling
9. Department of Tourism and State Tourism Offices
10. Public and Private Sector Job Opportunities
11. Domestic and International Airlines
12. Reservation Desk
13. Airport Check-in Staff
14. Overseas Airline Offices
15. Multi-National Travel Companies
16. Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
17. Tourist Guides
18. Domestic and International Airlines
19. Reservation Desk
20. Airport Check-in Staff
21. Overseas Airline Offices
22. Multi-National Travel Companies
23. Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

This is not an inclusive list, but it envelopes many, if not all opportunities that are available to a tourism industry aspirant. Care must be taken when you specialize in a course because the target employment varies depending on the major subject you take.
For instance a diploma in aviation and tourism management massively aims at putting you into the shoes of a cabin crew or a ground handling staff in an airport.

Or a diploma in travel and tourism management is your gateway to roles relating to reservation desk, Multinational travel companies, and Tour operators and in many more along the same lines.
Lastly, the fastest course to get into a high-flying career i.e IATA foundation course will help you land your dream job in MNC’s, airport check-in staff, overseas airline officers and the likes.

Be sure to have a goal in mind before taking a course because the clearer your destination is, the faster you reach. Spark your career aspiration but taking a course that instantly ignites the wick of an explosive career.

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