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Wishing for my Wings!

Who doesn’t wish to fly high? Who doesn’t dream of having a career that gives you the best in life, both personally and professionally. And what better profession than being a flight attendant. Thousands of individuals wish for their wings, to live a life full of glamour, good money, travel, and all things that make life great.

What made you dream of becoming a flight attendant or a cabin crew? Was it the excitement of travelling the globe or visiting far-flung and exotic destinations or an opportunity to visit best hotels in the world? Are you among those who wish to wear designer uniform and walk through best airports in awe of your own life?

Even today, the best part of a flight attendant’s job is the lure of exploring the world on a paid salary. Travelling and getting to experience the cultures of different countries is one of the biggest perks of cabin crew profession.

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Every individual has different aspirations and expectations from this profession. An air hostess sharing her experiences says, “I had a keen desire to become an air hostess and travel the world. I enjoy serving multiple roles, be it a nurse, safety officer, babysitter, or simply the coffee or tea lady.”

Another flight attendant shares, “Flying provides me the best of both worlds. I can travel and get to be home too. Thanks to our flexible timing and working hours. To see family spread everywhere in the world is a great feeling.”

For some cabin crew professionals, it is the opportunity to stay in the best hotels and enjoy sumptuous food. “I had a deep desire to travel. I got a chance and grabbed it. Today, here I am eating a delectable breakfast at a hotel in Geneva.”

Just like the ones above, you too can enjoy the taste of a good life. The process will begin by enrolling in a good travel institute.

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