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Work for Different Travel Agencies After Completing IATA Foundation

It is exciting to work for travel agencies as you get the professional exposure and you are well paid. However, getting there requires professional skills and that requires opting for IATA training course. The IATA foundation course makes you ready for the industry so that you can seek employment in travel agencies. You will be able eligible to work for different travel agencies that cater to different sectors of travel. Understanding about these different sectors will help you make the right choice when you are planning your career move.

Tour Planning

It is all about making things convenient for the customers. Travel agencies simplify things by planning the travel and taking care of ticket booking. Making reservations at the hotel and itinerary planning are involved. When you are working in such a profile you should be able to arrange for tours and plan everything smoothly.

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Tourism Promotion

Often agencies act as representatives for the purpose of promoting tourism in other parts of the world. Their offices are located in different parts of the world for fulfilling tourism promotional needs. Carrying out advertising campaigns and promotional activities on a regular basis is done for the purpose of attracting visitors. You will become a representative or travel ambassador who will ensure that the customer will return to the destination due to your efficiency in providing a better deal in airlines and hotel bookings that you will learn with diploma in air ticketing.

Business and Commercial Travel

There are also travel agencies which have specific departments or may specialize on dealing with commercial and business travel. Meeting the needs of people with business travel and people who travel for leisure differ. Specializing in organizing a structured tour according to their needs requires a professional who is able to understand the requirement. Additionally, when different departments are assigned for handling specific travel needs, your ability will become the deciding factor where you get employed. However, you can prepare in advance by taking an air ticketing course in Delhi.


Franchises offer better deals as compared to the local agencies. These vary in class and may be owned by national or international agencies or corporation. The national chain implements policies and prices that are consistent regardless of destination, it is possible that they provide best in class international services to its customers. If you aim to work for a franchise then you should be prepared to work under pressure. Learning to coordinate with various agencies, manage customers and being responsible for communicating the right policy is required.

Travel agencies are wide spread with several employment opportunities to offer. Therefore, it is up to you where you want to be placed. Your choice to take up a course like IATA Foundation training will become the deciding factor into becoming your stepping stone. The multi-destination agencies and the niche agencies demand professionals and for this reason it becomes essential that you become industry ready.

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