Working in air: Network with Co-workers & Passengers Alike!

In the professional life of cabin crew or a flight attendant, one thing is very essential for the smooth run of the flight, and that is teamwork. Therefore, it is imperative for a flight attendant to network not just with passengers but also with team-workers or co-workers alike. If a cabin crew gets along well with his or her co-workers, it is very easy to share the roles and responsibilities.

Contrastingly, in a worst-case scenario, a professional may find it hard to work with difficult co-workers, who may be crazy or plain lazy. Just like passengers, while most of the peers may be comfortable to work with, there are few who may not be.

Why to Network

Cabin crew staff is required to be courteous to passengers, but they need to be super-friendly with one other. Now, this is a challenge because most of the flight attendants are getting to meet their fellow workers for the first time. The situation is, however, handled to a great extent because all of them are usually gregarious in nature. They are in the same profession and are adept in adapting to new surroundings and new people.

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Given this situation, the flight attendants are required to know one another as quickly as possible the moment they get on board. This is because they need to prepare food and beverage efficiently and are required to have good coordination in actions while working in tight galleys. Moreover, only if the co-workers gel along well, will they be able to trust one another and act swiftly in case of an emergency. They cannot afford to lose time. As part of flight attendant training, the moment flight attendants board the plane, they have to begin constructing bonds with fellow workers.

Unruly team members

If you see yourself working as a flight attendant, be prepared to work with all kinds of people, be it peers or passengers. There are many things that a co-worker can do to annoy you. Some of them include:

  • They may never collect trash
  • They may leave everything on the counter
  • They may never keep their luggage in the space assigned
  • They may spend a lot of time in the lavatory,fixing hair or make-up
  • They may not show up as efficiently as they should while serving a meal or beverages
  • They may use the sink and splash water everywhere
  • They may never answer the intercom


In the career of cabin crew, such difficult co-workers can be very taxing to work with, However, equally rewarding is the experience of working with great team members. They may enhance your professional skills and make working in the sky an absolute pleasure.

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