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Air Hostess Salary in India

How Many Days Do Flight Attendants Work?

Air Hostess Salary in India ?

“Traveling keeps me alive!”

“The sky is my home!”

“I wish I could pack my bags and travel the world!”

If this is you, then it’s time to make your life one big vacation! Choose a job that lets you explore countries, try new cuisines, learn new languages, meet new people, and of course fly around the world.

Air Hostess Salary in India- Air hostess, the term itself spells out a lifestyle to envy! It’s a dream career, ambition and aspiration of countless promising youngsters! And when the discussion turns to the aspect of career automatically comes into picture the pay scale. Will becoming an air hostess assure me a good income? Will becoming an air hostess allow me to rise in my career? Yes, the answer to all of it is YES. Wish to know more? Then here you go!

Air Hostess Salary in India

Air hostess profession is where you enter into it at an early age in life – most of the time it’s as early as 18! And with the age on your side and your income beginning to build at that stage, you are in a win-win situation altogether!

Average Entry-level Salaries:

Domestic: INR 35,000 – 48,000/- International: INR 75,000 – 1.25 Lacs

Perks & Benefits

Air hostess Career: A Lifestyle to Envy!

As an air hostess, you are promised an unmatched lifestyle! From exploring the world to flight benefits to flexible work hours, name it and you have it! Let’s find out what you can look forward to…

The list is endless! Cabin Crew is not a profession, it is a lifestyle indeed!

Explore the World!

All you need to do is get on board the flight, commit to your role, and once you land, the city, the country is yours to explore! From experiencing new countries, new people, picking up new languages, trying new cuisines, your lifestyle takes an unimaginable leap! But then yours is a responsible job and you deserve it! Did we forget to mention that it’s all expenses borne?

Flexible Work Hours!

No 9-5 rule, no rigid punch in and punch out times! Yes, that’s your schedule! It’s also true your work hours are not fixed; at times you need to travel in the early hours or late in the night, holiday seasons, or weekends but who takes off in one country only to land in another? None but you! A day where you have your breakfast in India, lunch in Dubai and dinner in London or New York! What a day that would be!

Flight Benefits

Of course! This is the major plus! What a traveller pays for; you have it at your service!

Dynamic Environment

As an air hostess, your life is not a routine job! It’s a new day, every day! From challenging onboard experiences to pacifying passengers to meeting celebs! It’s a mix of all of it!

Luxurious Stays

Airport lounges, hotels that leave us wondering about the luxury they offer are your stopovers! Each time you travel your airline will arrange your stay at these lavish and plush and most expensive hotels! Experience royalty with your stays!

Other Benefits

Air hostess benefits differ from airline to airline. From medical benefits to retirement schemes, you can look forward to a lot more. Your service details will specify each aspect for your easy reference. Make sure to read them right.

Factors Affecting Salary

Air hostess Profession: Promotions & Growth

Once you have completed air hostess training and begin working as an air hostess frequently referred to as a flight attendant or cabin crew, your career can grow from more to more. With experience and seniority added to your role your graph can look something like this:

Likewise, cabin crew, in the later stages of their career, also opt to take up roles of ground staff that are equally promising.

Well, now that all aspects are clarified to a great extent, let us also cover what it takes to be an air hostess, the eligibility, the educational qualifications, and more.

Eligibility Criteria:

All candidates who have passed Class 12th are eligible to become an Air hostess or Flight attendant. The other areas include:



Although education is no bar, airlines expect that their prospective cabin crew is well-versed with the industry. And therefore, the most recommended air hostess courses for aspirants are:

Courses & Certifications

Classroom Courses

Course Provider


The pandemic brought about a massive shift in the education sector. Schools, colleges, universities, all moved to the digital platform and so did the course providers in the aviation industry. Courses are now available for easy, at-home access digitally.

Virtual Courses:

Course Provider

There you go! You are now all set! From education to pay packages, you know it all. Get on board and let Skylark Institute of Travel – the only institute helmed by professionals from the industry – be your teaching partners on your road to success! Enroll today to the best-in-class, industry-ready curriculum by signing up for our next webinar here.

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