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Career Options after a Travel and Tourism Course

Career Options after a Travel and Tourism Course

Career Options after a Travel and Tourism Course – Aspiring to become travel and tourism professional? A great choice, we must say! Are you still in doubt, what roles you can explore? Let us assure you, there are a lot of them. Let’s find out about some here. Read on…

Choosing the right career opportunity after 12th grade can be difficult and overwhelming. However, in recent years, a wide avenue of career options has opened up for students’ right after high school. If you’re someone who enjoys exploring different cultures, meeting new people, and travelling, a career in the travel and tourism industry might be the perfect choice for you!

Indeed, the travel and tourism industry is growing by the day! From career options as a tour operations expert to a career as a tourism professional to a career in travel and tourism, there is so much to explore! And did you know, you can take up a travel and tourism courses after 12th and start immediately?

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Career Options after a Travel and Tourism Course

Choice of Tour Career Options

Generally, people travel to new places to escape mundane, everyday life. Although people often travel for business, not many miss the opportunity of exploring new places. Depending on the destinations, tourism can be divided into three categories:

Outbound Tours:

When Indians are travelling to another country, it’s called Outbound Tours.

Inbound Tours:

When foreigners are visiting India, it’s called Inbound Tours.

Domestic Tours:

As the name suggests, when Indians travel within India, it’s called Domestic Tour.

Job Prospects in Tourism Industry

If you’re thinking about taking up a travel and tourism course after high school, you’re probably wondering what career options in the travel and tourism industry you might have after graduation. Let us have a look at the various job paths available in this profession:

Tour Manager

As a tour manager, you will use your passion for travel to organize and accompany groups of tourists on trips to various Indian and international destinations.

Travel Agent

As a travel agent, your job is to make the process of travelling as simple as possible for clients; from assisting them in choosing the right destination to presenting them with airline and accommodation options.

Tour Operator

Identifying clients’ needs and providing appropriate vacation packages are among the responsibilities of a travel consultant. You should be able to organize trips from start to finish, including tickets, designs itinerary, arrange accommodation, transportation, guides, and provide passengers with valuable travel and holiday information and resources.

Destination Manager

As a Destination Manager, you operate, manage, and handle a destination in its entirety. Additionally, you represent the brand for the respective location. You ensure that the guests have a good experience and stay.

Destination Expert / Destination Specialist

As a Destination Expert, you hold extensive knowledge about a particular country / a few countries or regions. You use your knowledge in creating exclusive packages and a memorable experience for guests.

Online Travel Agent

As an Online Travel Agent, you use your organisation’s official website in helping guests book travel services using the means of the internet.

Tourism Promoter/Marketer

The primary responsibility of a tourism promoter is to make direct contact with retail agencies, company clubs, and other potential tourism product purchasers to promote the items.

Event Manager and Conferences

Working as an Event Manager in the Tourism industry can be full of surprises. You’ll be arranging a birthday party one day, while the next day could require you to set up an elaborate corporate event.


How Can I Grow Further?

The growth in Travel and Tourism is assured. As you gain expertise and enter into specializations, you have countless options to explore including but not restricted to:

1.  Adventure Tourism

2.  Sports Tourism

3.  Photography Tourism

4.  Camping

5.  Cruise Tourism

6.  Wellness Tourism

7.  Eco-Tourism


And many more! These are some of the most rewarding specializations in this industry. Once you have the relevant experience for a couple of years, you can also take the plunge and become a Travel and Tourism Entrepreneur!

What Skills Do I Need?

That’s important indeed! Let’s check what skills you need to acquire. This list is not exhaustive; the more the better!

Benefits of Joining Travel and Tourism

The benefits of joining the travel and tourism industry are endless. Here are a few:

1.  Global Opportunities

2.  Fam Trips

3.  Free Travel

4.  Mastering Transferable Skills

5.  Flexible Work Hours

6.  Dynamic Environment

7.  And so much more!

Which Institute Will Help Me Acquire the Skills and Qualification?

Understandably, your next question is where can I acquire the necessary qualifications? Here are a few courses you can choose from:

Classroom Course

Course Name: Travel and Tourism Management

Course Provider: Skylark Institute of Travel

Course Duration: 6-months

Learning Outcomes:

This 6-month travel & tourism course will not only prepare you for Indian hospitality but the Global Hospitality sector. Through this course you will learn all about:

Gain In-depth Insight into:

·        Tour operations

·        Tourism management

·        Planning and execution of tourism activities

·        Visa and facilitation

·        Tourism products

·        Land, Air, and Sea transport

·        Modes of transport and all about accommodations

·        Planning, Organizing and Handling major events

Online Courses

Is attending an in-person class coming in between your dreams? Relax, there Skylark Virtual Institute offers online courses both solo and combo courses, designed by industry experts for your success and growth! Here you go!

1.      Travel and Tourism Management – For Course Details, Click Here

Looking for more travel and tourism courses? You can go ahead and club this with combo courses offered by Skylark Virtual Institute. Take a look:

1.                Aviation & Tourism – For Course Details, Click Here

2.                Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality – For Course Details, Click Here

3.                Travel & Tourism and Ticketing – For Course Details, Click Here

4.                Travel & Tourism and Hospitality – For Course Details, Click Here

The travel and tourism industry includes many jobs. However, they are all united by an ambition to provide a highly positive customer experience. What are you waiting for? Join Skylark Institute of Travel or Skylark Virtual Institute one of the best tourism institutes in Delhi today, learn from experts with over 35+ years of experience in the industry and take the step towards a successful Travel and Tourism Career today! 


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