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How to Become an Air hostess after Graduation?

How to Choose the Right Aviation Course for Your Career Goals

How to Become an Air hostess after Graduation?-Does travelling to new destinations, meeting new people, exploring new countries, trying new cuisines is the life of your dreams? Wondering how you can have all of this, at all expenses borne? Then let us introduce you to a career that promises not only this but a lot more! Choose a career path in the aviation sector, become an air hostess, a cabin crew, and make this a reality! But as the adage goes, ‘there is no shortcut to success’; the life you are looking at calls for eligibility criteria to meet, educational qualifications to fulfil, and of course industry training.

But relax, breathe and let us tell you what it takes to be an air hostess…

Career Course: Can You Become an Air hostess after Graduation?

Young candidates have one pressing query: Can I become an air hostess after graduation? The answer is: there are two air hostess eligibility criteria of educational qualifications you can meet:

Become an Air hostess after 12th:

Yes, you read that right! Completing higher secondary education is the minimum qualification you need to become an air hostess, a flight attendant, or a cabin crew. While there is no cut-off percentage required for an air hostess, there are some airlines that prefer candidates with a minimum of 60% in their higher secondary.

Become an Air hostess after Graduation:

We couldn’t agree more with the fact that there are times when one wants to switch their career path after completing graduation or aim at having an undergrad degree before they take that career leap! Be rest assured, the path to becoming an air hostess after graduation is still open for you and comes with an array of opportunities!

However, the most common path candidates opt for is to pursue a career as an air hostess right after the 12th!

Eligibility Criteria:

Great! You meet the educational qualification! Nevertheless, airlines across the globe require you to meet a few essential criteria before you can be shortlisted as their next air hostess. Let us take a quick look at the eligibility criteria before we move on to the next step:



The aviation industry is training-oriented and therefore there are air hostess courses after 12th, certifications, and diplomas that can assure you of becoming industry-ready to crack that interview and land that air hostess job! Let’s find out here:

Air hostess Courses & Certifications

Classroom Courses:

Course Provider

Online Courses:

The aviation industry, alongside other industries, has kept pace with the changing times. Regardless of the pandemic times, the aviation industry continues to upskill aspiring professionals through online medium. Staying safe is important and so is learning! And therefore, Skylark Online Air Hostess Course Institute is the only institute in India that has introduced online courses on Cabin Crew & Ground Handling that are easy on the pocket and can be done from the comfort of the home.

Here’s a quick look at the online course you can choose and the learning outcomes you can expect:

All these courses include and training of must-have skills:

Learning Outcomes:

Course Provider

That’s not it; Skylark Online Air Hostess Institute trains you for your ‘Big Day’! From guiding you in creating a job-worthy resume to helping you choose the best attire, to preparing you for the interview; you are all sorted! We know what you are thinking! “With all that they are doing, I am sure this is going to be expensive!” Let us put your apprehensions to rest. Read on…

Air hostess Training Fees

Well, this is one aspect that every candidate is concerned about. Will the fees be exorbitant? Will the charges make a hole in my pocket? Let us give you the good news! The online module for Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career Blueprint can be availed at extremely affordable price of INR 4500/-+ taxes (subject to change without prior notice) Find out the course details and charges or contact us at 8588950950.

Would you like to know how this small investment can help you earn handsome salaries? Take a look at the entry-level salaries you can look forward to!

There you go! Your income starts off way earlier than your peers and sure enough, that’s a great pay scale to start with! Perfect! You are all set! All you need to do is take that next step and carve a promising career as an air hostess for yourself. Still thinking if Skylark Institute of Travel and Skylark Virtual Institute is the place for you? Let us tell you, it is one of the only aviation, travel, and hospitality institutes with a management bringing with itself 35+ years of experience in the industry! What’s more? Your courses are designed by the best brains from the sector and upskill you with industry-ready modules! Sign up for our next webinar here and step into the future of your dreams.

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