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How to Crack the Cabin Crew Interview?

How to Crack the Cabin Crew Interview- 95% of the candidates fail to crack the cabin crew interview! Wondering how you can make it to the 5% who board that next plane as the cabin crew and if it’s possible? Be rest assured! It is indeed possible! Let us take you through the interview process.

Do you aspire to work in the aviation industry as a cabin crew? We must say, a well-chosen career indeed! But what does it take to land that dream job? What preparation goes behind clearing the cabin crew interview? Let’s find out in detail…

The primary step is to understand the shortlisting process and that’s where begins your preparations. So here you go:

Shortlisting Process of Cabin Crew


An obvious requirement but the most important factor in getting your application shortlisted. Oftentimes, candidates pay very little attention to it; sometimes they duplicate it from the internet, use resume-builders, but let us tell you one thing: airlines skim through countless similar resumes. You need to put in the effort to make sure:

Additionally, there are a few essential factors that one must ALWAYS keep in mind while preparing a resume.

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Professional Photograph:

As the cabin crew, you would be presenting the airline to the customers, you would be the face of the airline and therefore the recruiter airline needs a personality that can fit that important role. It’s here that you can submit a photograph that makes a great impression! The photograph you submit with your application must reflect:

Your photograph must:

And remember a strict NO to Photoshop or photo-edits.

60 Seconds Introduction:

Precisely! 60 seconds is what you get to move on to the next stage. Fumbling, fear, stress; leave that outside the door for those 60 seconds! And what’s the catch to sound confident! Practice, practice, and practice!

Medical Test:

You need to be sound in body and mind for any role in life. Particularly so in a cabin crew. On the day of the interview and upon clearing the first round your health parameters will be checked which includes but is not restricted to:

But it’s not a one-day job; you need to take good care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and stay fit!

Group Discussion:

In a room full of confident people, it’s your skill that will help you shine in the group discussion. Make your point yes, show your research, yes, but at all times, make sure you keep this in mind:

Personal Interview:

Finally, you are there! Are the challenges over though? Not yet! You still need to keep the motivation, the confidence, and the personality at its best to land the job.

Remember, the panel is observing you from the time you have entered the venue. You cannot be uncooperative to co-applicants outside and say your strength lies in teamwork! Make sure you do what you say!

What else can you do to ace the personal interview? A quick look:

Tips for the Final Day

Confidence is the Key!

Confidence speaks! Your response to the panel, your body language, all of it matters! And what can help you have the confidence of a leader? Let’s have a checklist

Practice, and Prepare!

`To be prepared is half the victory`. Practice hard, practice diligently, practice regularly so that the interview becomes easy!

Research on the Airline

How would you feel if the interviewer had not read your resume, knew nothing about you? Disappointed right? That’s how the airline would evaluate you when they interview you. Have you read about them? Have you put in the effort to research on them? If not, now is the time to begin!

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Grooming Matters

You are interviewing for a cabin crew, a customer service sector and therefore grooming is a MUST! And the better you are groomed, the more confident you will feel!

English Language Proficiency

Master your English well in advance before the interview; it is the basic criteria for getting that dream job, make sure you perfect it!

Documentation Checklist

Files unorganized, missing documents; what a panic that can cause! How would it look when the panel asks you to show a document and you are searching for it in a pile of other documents? Not a good impression at all! Set it right by organising a week in advance and reviewing daily until the day of the interview:

That’s a lot! And why not – the job you are aspiring for is one of the most desired roles! The more you prepare, the more practice, the more your success is assured. Did the thought of what might be the questions that the panel will put before you cross your mind? Well then, we have prepared a reference list for you to ace that interview

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Attitude Matters

Keep your attitude positive. The airline might subject you to what is called, `Stress Interview` where questions that can seem to be insulting are put to you. How you deal with questions like these, how you keep your cool tells the airline how you will deal with the passenger on board. So remember to stay positive and always follow the mantra `respond not react`!

Sneak-Peak into A Few Sample Cabin Crew Interview Questions

All set? There’s one important factor though! Preparation! And preparation at the best hands is what assures you success! Before you send that application, make sure you are well-equipped with the necessary qualifications and meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria:



Courses & Certifications

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The pandemic has redefined education. With the best interests of the students in mind, keeping their safety and health at priority, institutes too have gone online.

Online Courses:

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