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Jobs for Travel Industry in Delhi / Gurgaon

Jobs for Travel Industry in Delhi / Gurgaon

Jobs for Travel Industry in Delhi / Gurgaon- Is travelling your passion? Then the travel industry is your destination! With Delhi and Gurgaon booming with travel activities, job opportunities are yours to grab! Read on to know more…

The travel industry is not only among the fastest-growing industries in the world but is also expanding at a pace more than ever before. Passenger travelling has surpassed the pre-pandemic times and is accelerating rapidly! Automatically then, the job opportunities in the travel industry are peaking! For all job seekers interested to make a mark for themselves in the travel industry, this is the best time ever!

If your dream is to work in the travel industry and the capital city of India, rest assured, you have made a great professional decision! Jobs for travel industry in Delhi / Gurgaon are booming and the travel industry is seeking skilled professionals who can join the ever-growing travel sector. In this blog, let us look at the various opportunities you can explore in the travel industry. 

Before we proceed further, let’s answer the most pertinent question: What’s the pay I can expect when searching jobs for travel industry in Delhi / Gurgaon?

Expected CTC:

As a travel industry professional, your pay scale always matches the market standards. If you are a fresher, you can expect a CTC of around INR 3 lakhs per annum. If you have a minimum of at least 6 months of experience in any industry, your CTC can go up to INR 4 lakhs per annum. 

As you grow professionally, your pay and benefits will continue to climb the graph and you will soon be taking home a handsome salary. 

While this answers your pay query, let’s also look at what eligibility criteria you need to meet.

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Eligibility Criteria:

The great news is, if you have passed your Class 12th, you can start your career in the travel industry right away! You will get on-the-job training for the role you are hired for. Make sure, you have the enthusiasm to learn and grow, and certainly, you will go places! 

Let us now move to the subject, you are waiting for: What roles can you explore in the travel industry? Well, there are many, the more you get into the niche areas, the more there are roles to handle. However, let us give you a brief introduction to a few roles that you can take up. 

Jobs for travel industry in Delhi / Gurgaon:

As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous opportunities but we are enumerating some of the most popular jobs for travel industry in Delhi / Gurgaon.

Travel Processing Executive: 

As a travel processing executive, you will be responsible for coordinating and processing travel bookings and reservations including documentation, enquiry handling, re-issuing of tickets, among others. This includes flights, hotels, logistics, and other services. You can work with travel agencies, tour operators, or multinationals. 

Customer Handling: 

The term, customer handling is self-explanatory, it refers to interactions between customers and travellers. In this role, you will be required to assist customers meet their travel requirements, offer them information, advice, and recommendations, address their queries, resolve complaints and issues and ensure customer satisfaction. The modes can include in-person interactions, telephonic, chat, or email communication.

Backend Operations: 

Backend operations support the front-end functions of the travel company. In this role, you will be handling administrative duties which include data management, payment processing, issuing refunds, handling client contracts, among others. 

Airline Backend Reservation Staff: 

As an airline backend reservation staff you will manage flight reservations and ticketing for the airline you are employed with. You may also work for organisations that provide third-party services. Handling customer queries is also an essential part of your duties. 

Travel Executives: 

As a travel executive, you will be responsible for handling individual customers or corporates. You will be required to book tour packages tailored to customer needs and budget. From reservation to stay to car rentals you will have to provide an all-inclusive service. You will also be required to be available to redress customer concerns. Sales and marketing of travel packages also fall under your responsibilities. 

That’s surely a wide range of jobs! But did you there are a few professional skills that will help you land the job and give your best to it? Well, let’s elaborate on it for you…

Skills Required for Jobs in Travel Industry:

Good Communication:

The travel industry is customer-centric. Since you will be required to sell tours, provide information, guide tours, and market destinations, good communication is pivotal. This also includes the ability to understand the customers’ requirements and accordingly plan a tour. 

English Proficiency:

English, as we know, is a global language that connects the world. Proficiency in the language is essential to deal with a wide range of customers hailing from across the world.

 Positive Body Language:

While this sounds easy, it takes effort. Wearing a smile on a difficult day, maintaining a friendly tone with a harsh customer, and being attentive when you are pressed for time, are all a part of positive body language. Being helpful, kind, and empathetic will go a long way in assuring a successful career in the travel industry.  

Pleasant Personality:

An approachable personality with a friendly attitude will help in not only customer satisfaction but also customer retention. It also cultivates trust in the organisation and its ethics. 

 Well-Groomed Appearance:

Appearance matter! Especially in the travel industry when you are representing an organisation, a destination, or managing the entire tour. Therefore taking good care of your appearance and grooming yourself to the ‘T’ is extremely important! You create first and lasting impressions on the customer. 

While these might sound too much rest assured, there are professional training institutes that will help you develop all these skills and more to ensure a successful career in the travel industry.

Clearly then, all you need to do is step into the travel industry and make the most of the numerous job opportunities that are available right now! The time is right and your future is certainly bright!

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