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Jobs in Travel and Tourism Industry for Freshers

Jobs in Travel and Tourism Industry for Freshers

Are you looking for Jobs in Travel and Tourism Industry for Freshers Look no further! The industry is booming and opportunities for young talent are bigger than ever before! In this blog, we will discuss the available jobs in the travel and tourism industry for freshers. Read on…

If your dream is to work in a dynamic environment with an exciting career then you are in the right place! Travel and tourism is your go-to career destination!
The travel and tourism industry is among the fastest-growing industries in the world. With the demand for travel increasing by the day, the job opportunities too are massive, and young talent is what the travel and tourism industry is banking upon! So if jobs in the travel and tourism industry for freshers is what your search feed looks like, then there has never been an
opportune time than now to explore the industry and the many opportunities it offers! Before we proceed further, let us look at the eligibility criteria you need to meet:

Eligibility Criteria for Jobs in Travel and Tourism Industry for Freshers:

The good news is, you can step into the travel and tourism industry right after completing your Class 12 th ! On-the-job training for various roles is provided by the company. Be open to learning, be a team worker, and you will grow faster!
Sure enough! This sounds great! The next question is what pay scale as a fresher can I expect.
Here you go!

Expected Salary:

The starting salary is around INR 25,000/ per month. If you have an experience of at least 6 months in any sector, you can expect a pay of INR 30,000/- or above.
We say that’s a great starter!


Jobs in Travel and Tourism Industry for Freshers:

Indeed, not only is the travel and tourism industry a job-churning sector, but it is also one that generates tremendous revenue for the nation. Since it is a major contributor to the national economy, it is one industry that will not only endure and advance but also comes with a promise of professional growth. With the current demand and pace at which the travel and tourism industry is booming, the overall sector is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. This automatically suggests that there will be a need for travel and tourism professionals and experts to meet the rising demands. While there are numerous roles you can explore, let us look at a few opportunities you as a fresher can begin with:

Customer Handling Executive:

A Customer Handling Executive as the term suggests is responsible for handling customers. Particularly, this professional is required to manage customer relationships, and address and resolve customer concerns and complaints, among others. Through this role, you will have the opportunity to connect with a global customer base. Since it requires time-based attention, you have to always be on your toes and respond promptly and appropriately.

Backend Process Executive:

As a Backend Process Executive, you handle ticketing requests, plan and revise itineraries, post-ticketing and travel plan revisions, re-booking, and issuing refunds, among others. Additionally, you will also be required to manage and update the travel data of customers for your company. Since this is a detail-oriented role, you will have to be attentive, quick and
efficient at your task.

Airfares and Ticketing Executive:

As an Airfares and Ticketing Executive, you will handle customer bookings, cancellations, and refund queries, among others. It is a very important role since the travel plans, itinerary, and ticket delivery, to the customer entirely depends on you. You will therefore be required to be knowledgeable about the airline industry and airline policies related to your role.

Tours Packaging Executive:

As a Tours Packaging Executive, you plan and manage travel packages for customers. You interact with customers and are the sole point of contact for coordinating with the hotel for accommodation and stay, and logistics. You might also have to appoint tour guides to make sure the customer has the perfect travel experience. Since it covers many aspects, you must
be open to learning about different destinations, cuisines, and cultures, among others.

Once you begin to explore, there is a plethora of job in travel and tourism industry for freshers. Just conduct a quick check of the skills that come in handy in getting that dream job.

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Skills Required for Jobs in Travel and Tourism Industry for Freshers:

Since the travel and tourism industry is people-oriented a lot of interpersonal skills are of great help when applying for a job.

Good Communication:

It is one of the most important skills since you will be required to interact with customers, suppliers, and vendors, among others. Therefore, good communication is a must when stepping into this industry. Remember, good communication also includes effective listening and the ability to understand the information provided by the customer. Build on it to begin
your career in the travel and tourism industry.

English Proficiency:

Since you will be dealing with customers from across the world and English is a global language, having proficiency in it will help you grow faster in the industry.

Positive Body Language:

You will be the face of the travel and tourism organization or company you represent. Therefore, body language is of utmost importance. You must have a calm and composed attitude along with professional and positive body language.

Pleasant Personality:

Customer retention and great customer experience both are your prime most responsibilities. Therefore, you must have a pleasant, welcoming personality, at all times. Customers should always find your personality approachable and accessible.

Well-Groomed Appearance:

You will be facing the customers directly and therefore grooming matters. Make sure to be well groomed, dress professionally and wear a smile.

All these skills and more, contribute to good customer service which is the goal of the travel and tourism industry. Alongside, intrapersonal skills like time management, teamwork, discipline, and problem-solving abilities, among others are also helpful.

To achieve and excel in these skills, there are institutes that offer professional training. Therefore, if you are lagging in any area, do not worry; there are professional training institutes that will help you develop these skills.

Therefore, look no further! This is the time to make the most of the booming travel and tourism industry! Explore the jobs in travel and tourism industry for freshers today and kickstart your career right away!

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