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Air hostess Courses at Reasonable Price in India

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Air hostess Courses at Reasonable Price in India Do you see yourself in a career as an air hostess? Wondering which institute offers the best air hostess courses at reasonable prices in India? Let’s read along…

Just passed out of Class 12th or completed graduation? Is your dream career becoming an air hostess? But do the air hostess course fees stop you in your tracks? Relax and look no further, in this blog we will help you find the best Air hostess Courses at Reasonable Price in India!

We all have dreams and some dream to fly high and make the sky their home! If you are reading this, you are one of those whose career path takes them to the destination of becoming a part of the aviation industry, carving their niche and pursuing a career as an air hostess!

Nevertheless, progress and success comes easier to those that hold the necessary qualifications and certifications! But it all costs money and that puts a stopper to many dreams! If you are one of those, this is for you!

What if we told you, you can complete one course for as less as INR 2999/-! Yes, you read that right! If this caught your attention, read along for more details!

Air hostess Courses at Reasonable Price in India

The world is now virtual! You, as a student, can pursue a course from wherever you may be! You need not leave the comfort of your home or pay extra for relocation to another city, or commute to your classes! With the intention of providing you with air hostess courses at your doorstep, Skylark Institute of Travel – the best aviation, travel and tourism institute in Delhi, India through the Skylark Virtual Institute brings to you air hostess courses at reasonable prices in India!

Know More About our Courses

Air hostess Courses at Reasonable Price in India

Virtual Courses:

  • Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career – INR 2999/- + taxes only!

Course Provider:

  • Skylark Virtual Institute

Did you know your course is designed by experts with 35+ years of industry experience in aviation, travel and tourism? Now you do!

Learning Outcomes:

The Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career course offered by Skylark Virtual Institute makes you ready to take on the challenge from day one of your career! Know what you will learn!

  • What it takes to become a Cabin Crew and Ground Handling Staff
  • How to start earning within a few months
  • How to improve your spoken English
  • How to develop an impressive and confident personality
  • How to become a better version of yourself
  • How to develop Class, Poise and Professionalism
  • How to prepare yourself for Airline interviews
  • How to change the way you look with outstanding professional Grooming

That’s not it! The Institute also prepares you for the interview! Right from your resume to mock interviews it covers it all. Take a quick look below:

And all this at INR 2999/- only! That’s a deal, indeed!

Are you looking at excelling in one skill thoroughly? If yes, here is a list of courses you can choose from!

Skill Courses:

  • English Communication Challenge – INR 1999/-
  • Personality Enhancement Challenge – INR 1999/-
  • Art of Grooming – INR 1999/-
  • Interview Skills – INR 1999/-

Mode of Instruction:

  • Virtual

Course Provider:

  • Skylark Virtual Institute

What if you were told that you have an even better deal here?

If you choose the Skill Bundle Course, you get the entire bundle for INR 5999/- + taxes only!

It’s Time to Stop Worrying and Start Prepping for a Luxurious Life Ahead!

Once you become an air hostess, there is no looking back for you! You can start as early as the age of 18 and build your income!

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Salary of an Air hostess in India

Average Entry-level Salaries[*]:

  • Domestic: INR 35,000 – 48,000/-
  • International: INR 75,000 – 1.25 Lacs

If you are starting at this salary range, you have a way to go when it comes to your savings! But let us tell you, it’s not just the salary! You have a life of luxury waiting for you!

Perks & Benefits

Take a sneak peek at your life as an air hostess!

  • Explore the World for Free!
  • Flexible Work Hours!
  • Enjoy Flight Benefits!
  • Work in a Dynamic Environment!
  • Experience Luxurious Stays!

Growth Prospects:

Success is only the next step when you become an air hostess also known as a cabin crew. Take a look at your growth chart. Remember, it doesn’t stop here!

  • Senior Cabin Crew
  • Cabin Supervisor
  • Cabin Service Director
  • VVIP Cabin Crew

Isn’t it too good to be true? We couldn’t agree more! Plus, now you have the benefit of having air hostess courses at reasonable prices in India! What are you waiting for? Sign up today for the Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career Course offered by the Skylark Virtual Institute and give wings to your dreams of becoming an air hostess!

[*] Figures are only indicative; flying hours and other factors influence the actual salary

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