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Difference Between Airhostess and Cabin Crew

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In this Blog, I am going to explain the difference between Airhostess and Cabin Crew.. As You might get confuse whenever you hear this term because they both work in airplanes so the question what is the difference between airhostess and cabin crew’s jobs.

Basically Cabin crew is made up of flight attendants as well as the purser, one who is typically a senior flight attendant but also has additional duties. “Cabin Crew” is a generic term used to refer to all of the airplane’s crew who are not working in the cockpit , means the “back in the cabin” and Airhostess are mainly the female cabin crew or flight attendant.

Who is Airhostess?

Airhostess are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers on commercial flights. They greet passengers as they board the plane and direct them to their seats. They provide safety demonstrations and instructions before takeoff and during the flight. Airhostess also serve food and drinks, help keep passengers comfortable, and handle customer service issues that arise. In an emergency, Airhostess must be able to remain calm and in control of the situation. She must be able to think quickly and make decisions to ensure the safety of passengers.

Who are Cabin Crew?

Cabin Crew are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers during the flight. They offer pre-flight briefings to advise passengers on emergency procedures such as emergency procedures. They Also Explain about the use of oxygen masks and life jackets. During the flight they make announcements, serve food and drink and attend to the needs of the passengers. Cabin Crew also provide first aid and handle passenger incidents. In the event of an emergency, they will work closely with the captain to evacuate passengers safely. Flight attendants usually work for commercial airlines, but can also work for private companies or charter flights.

Airhostess vs Cabin Crew

Here are the main differences between Airhostess and flight attendant.

Job Role Difference Between Airhostess and Cabin Crew  :-

Airhostess share some of their professional responsibilities, such as greeting passengers, ensuring passenger safety, and customer service. However, there are differences in the specific tasks they perform on a daily basis. For example, Airhostess usually have more responsibilities regarding the operation of the aircraft than flight attendants. This includes functions such as starting the engine, controlling the rudder and communicating with air traffic control.

In contrast, Cabin Crew often have more duties related to in-flight services, such as preparing food and serving drinks. They may also be responsible for cleaning the aircraft between flights, including cabin maintenance such as luggage storage and vacuuming.

Work environment of Cabin Crew and Airhostess

Airhostess works in different environments depending on the airline they work for. Some airlines have Cabin Crew working in their offices to assist with administrative duties and customer service. Other airlines may have air hostesses who work directly with passengers during the flight. Flight attendants usually work in the aircraft cabin, assisting passengers and keeping them safe. They also spend time in airport terminals before and after flights to assist passengers with travel needs.

Must have Skills for Airhostess and Cabin Crew

Air hostesses and flight attendants must have excellent customer service skills. They are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers during flights, so they must be able to deal with passenger problems effectively. They also need to be resilient and stay calm in stressful situations.

Air hostesses are generally required to have more language skills than flight attendants, as they may be responsible for conveying messages in multiple languages. They should also have sales skills as they may be responsible for selling duty free goods to passengers. Cabin Crew usually only need to speak one language, as they mostly communicate with English-speaking passengers. However, they must undergo emergency training to deal effectively with any situation that may arise during flight.

Salary Difference Between Airhostess and Cabin Crew

Air hostesses earn an average salary of $41,469 per year while flight attendants earn an average salary of $61,050 per year. The average salary for both positions can vary depending on the airline you work for, your level of experience, and where you work.

For Further Information Here is also the details of Which Course one should choose in order to become Airhostess Or Cabin Crew also Which is Best Airhostess and Cabin Crew Institute in Delhi:-

In order to become a Airhostess you may consider pursuing some of the below mentioned course:
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Diploma in Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service.
The duration of these course may be from 08 months to 10 months.
In order to pursue above mentioned course you need to be 12th pass and above, and all the skills needful you will learn in Course.
And Here is the Detail of Best Airhostess and Cabin Crew Institute in Delhi

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