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Diploma in airfare and ticketing management

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Diploma in airfare and ticketing management- Are you fascinated by airplanes? Are you fascinated by the aviation industry and dream of a successful career in this field? We introduce you to a career in aviation that will open up many career opportunities for you. There are a number of ways to fly directly from the ground rollers at airports to the air. One area to explore is an airline ticket sales course, which can offer a number of opportunities in the airline industry. Airfare sales courses are one of the most sought after courses that can help you grow in this industry. Here you will find all the information about Diploma in airfare and ticketing management.

What is Air Ticketing Course?

Air ticketing Course is a specialized course in the field of travel and hospitality. There are various degrees, diplomas and short-term courses to choose from. The Airline Course is a career-oriented program that can help you pursue a financially stable career. When issuing airline tickets, sufficient documents are provided by the airline or travel agent to confirm the passenger’s flight. This course provides comprehensive knowledge and skills related to air traffic management, airport management, travel management and ticketing processes as well as professional training. Students seeking career-oriented courses after the 12th should consider Diploma in airfare and ticketing management as an effective career option.

Why to do Diploma in airfare and ticketing management?

  • Air ticketing  is an entry-level job and does not require intensive or expensive undergraduate study in the field from the prospective candidate. This profession can also be aspired to by ambitious applicants with a primary school degree. You can also take this course after completing class 12.
  • This course helps candidates learn about communication and customer management, as well as airport operations training. Applicants can use their experience to pursue higher education and better job prospects. They can also pursue higher education to continue their career in this field.

Best Institute Offering Diploma in airfare and ticketing management?

Skylark Institute of Travel is one of the best and Leading institute in Aviation Industry and Provides one of the Diploma in airfare and ticketing management. The Institute offers a three to four months course that covers topics such as airfare pricing, airline reservation systems, ticketing rules and regulations, airport operations, customer service and more. and this course is just available at six thousand Rupees plus taxes if you apply promocode- SKYLA

Why to do Diploma in airfare and ticketing management?


How Skylark Institute of Travel Helps You Make an Airfares and Air Ticketing Professional?

Airlines require the candidates to possess overall training and a set of skills. That’s where Skylark Institute of Travel comes into the picture. Right from:

  • Learning all about the Indian and World geography,
  • Three Letter codes – City & Airport,
  • Type of Air Fares – One way, return, circle trip, round trip,
  • Time Zone Calculations and Global Indicators,
  • Travel Formalities and Documents,
  • Visa and Passport Facilitation,
  • Travel world organisations and regulations,
  • Travel Ancillaries and Baggage allowances,
  • Galileo Booking Overview,
  • English spoken skills,
  • Making Online bookings and Tickets,
  • Applying for IATA certification,

And so much more! The Institute trains you in every aspect! What’s more, even ‘Interview Skills’ are taught so that you are equipped to crack the interview and start your career as an Airfares and Air Ticketing Professional!

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How Joining Skylark Institute of Travel is a Value-Addition to Your Career as an Airfares and Air Ticketing Professional

Hundreds of students trained at Skylark and placed across domestic and international airlines are testimony to the top-notch training offered at the institute. The faculty and experts know the aviation industry inside-out and therefore are best equipped to train students. When at Skylark know how you benefit:

Say Bye-Bye to Bookish learning alone!

At Skylark, your learning and training is not restricted to the book alone! The aviation industry is so dynamic that it demands an all-inclusive learning experience and that’s what you get!

Scope of Diploma in airfare and Ticketing Management

Air Ticketing is an important career prospect for the airline and airport industry with a global presence. Candidates who have ticketing experience or have attended airline ticketing courses can even find work in travel agencies and travel and tourism management. Air ticketing agent profile is also related to the hospitality industry and experienced professionals can also find work in related companies such as hotels, resorts, etc.

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