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How Do I Start a Career in the Travel Industry

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How Do I Start a Career in the Travel Industry- Are you a student passed out of 12th looking at starting a career in the travel industry? Opportunities are soaring and the travel industry is growing at an exceedingly fast pace! In this blog, we help you answer the question: How do I start a career in the travel industry? Read on…

The times are looking great for the travel industry now. Booming and expanding at a rate faster than ever before, the travel industry is in need of manpower on a worldwide scale. This has led to a plethora of opportunities opening up for candidates across the travel and the interrelated industries of tourism and aviation, among others. Furthermore, since it is a revenue-generating industry, the pay scale in the travel industry too matches the market standards. 

Expected Salary:

When you start out as a travel professional, your pay scale is as good as around INR 25,000/- per month. If you hold a minimum of 6 months of experience in any industry your salary can go up to INR 30,000/ per month. That’s a great career start, one must say!

Moreover, did you know over 200 new airports are coming up across India? That’s right! The civil aviation sector is rapidly growing automatically implying a world of jobs and opportunities for eligible candidates. For those already in the industry, this brings an amazing opportunity for growth! 

While on the subject of eligible candidates, let’s find out what the eligibility criteria are that one needs to focus on when asking, how do I start a career in the travel industry?

Eligibility Criteria for Starting a Career in the Travel Industry:

The minimum qualification to be eligible for a career in the travel industry is to have passed Class 12th. Yes, you read that right! Along with it, you must possess an interest to learn about the field and an earnest aspiration to grow in it. Given the dynamic industry that it is, you must also have the enthusiasm to work, be a team player, and be always open to learning. 

The industry comprises a vast range of roles and therefore some eligibility criteria for specific roles might differ. However, entry-level, fresher jobs require only a Class 12th certificate and the employer will provide on-the-job training for the role you are hired for. Additionally, if you know a foreign language it will be an added.

Since this is a customer-centric industry, communication, interpersonal and intra-personal skills are indispensable. Likewise, some roles might need additional certifications or diplomas.

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Skills Required for Starting a Career in the Travel Industry:

Good Communication:

Good communication skills are central to achieving success in the travel industry. Given the wide range of customers, you will need to interact with on an everyday basis, you need to master the skill. You will be expected to sell tours, offer recommendations, and market destinations, among other responsibilities as a part of your role. Therefore, communication is the key that will help you grow in your job. In addition, good communication skills also involve listening skills, understanding customer preferences, asking the right questions, and creating a plan as per their budget. 

Competence in English Speaking:

Proficiency in the English language is another crucial requirement. English is the language that connects the world and enables people from across the world to communicate effectively. Moreover, when interacting with international tourists, multinationals, and clients, English might be the only language that can break the communication barriers between you and them. Therefore, knowing English and having a command over it is extremely important. Having said that, knowing the local language where you are working is also equally important to achieve optimum results. 

Positive Body Language & Personality:

The way you walk, the way you greet, the way you handle difficult situations, and more are a part of having positive body language. Since you are the face of the organisation, it is extremely important that your body language is warm and customer-friendly. You might have to keep your cool when the customer is in a foul mood, you might have to comfort a distressed client, and so much more. Therefore, make sure to cultivate this skill! Remember, if you are kind, understanding, empathetic, and warm, you assure a customer not for one journey but for a lifetime!

Maintaining Grooming Standards:

You are the face of the company and therefore how you look, how you dress, how you carry yourself, it all matters! At all times, you must adhere to industry grooming standards and look your best. Overdressing is a strict no! Therefore, it is important to learn the right art of grooming before your start your career in the travel industry

Alongside, skills like problem-solving, discipline, hard work, time management, and integrity, will go a long way in helping you succeed in the travel industry.

We understand, not every aspiring candidate possesses all the necessary skills but the best part is, they can all be learnt and mastered. There are institutions that offer professional training and recruitment in aviation, travel and tourism, and hospitality industry. Skylark Institute of Travel, one of the best travel institutes in Delhi, offers both services – training in both offline and online modes at reasonable prices and also placement services. Having been in the industry for over 35+ years, Skylark has the right network to help you connect with the right recruiters. Today, they are playing a significant role in acting as a professional training institute and as a link between the recruiters. 

Get trained within as less as 2 months and kickstart your career in the travel industry. Walk-in interviews are being conducted every day across India by popular airlines that hire in large numbers. Get trained for the right skills and acquire the certifications and get that dream job today! 

We hope, we have satisfactorily answered your query on how do I start a career in the travel industry. Then, why delay your success, start today! It is also predicted that India will soon climb the ladder and will rank 2nd across the world when it comes to growth in the travel industry. There is no better time than now to make the most of it! Step into a flourishing career in the travel industry today!

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