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How to Prepare for Airhostess/Cabin Crew Interviews?

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How to Prepare for Airhostess/Cabin Crew Interviews?- Travelling the world for free, experiencing luxurious stays and destinations, trying new cuisines, and living a life of glitz and glamour! Is this your dream? Very well then, a cabin crew role is tailor-made for you! Live the life of your dreams and become an air hostess or cabin crew! But before you get to that, the most important aspect is to crack the cabin crew
Indeed, the interview is the ultimate test of your selection. Nevertheless, it is one of the most neglected aspects of the air hostess and cabin crew preparations. While you train yourself in all essential aspects, the most important factor that will decide your selection is pushed to the last minute or is often extempore! “I’m a good speaker,” ‘I’ll cross the bridge when it
comes,” and so many more! True, you might be a great speaker but every interview has its nuances that need practice. Above all, on the day of the interview, every candidate regardless of communication skills has jitters and is nervous. That’s where your practice will help your crack the cabin crew interview. Besides, a little extra practice has never hurt anyone. But how do you go about it? This blog will answer your most pertinent question: how to prepare for air hostess/cabin crew interviews?

Before we get to that, let’s all find out if you meet the eligibility criteria for becoming a cabin crew:

Eligibility Criteria:

Female & Male
 Age: 18-26 (Maximum 27) – Domestic Airlines/ International Airlines – may vary.
 Height: 5’7” (170-172 Centimetres) for men and 5’2” (155 – 157 Centimetres) for
 Weight: Proportionate to Height
 Passport: Holder of or Eligible for Indian Passport
 Vision: 6/6 in both eyes.
 Communication: Mastery in Spoken English
 Skin: Clear, no tattoos allowed on visible areas

Great! Now that we are clear on the eligibility criteria, let’s move on to the topic of the blog.

How to Prepare for Airhostess/Cabin Crew Interviews?

How to Prepare for Air hostess / Cabin Crew Interviews?

On the day of the interview, you must be so thorough that the airline can look at you as their air hostess and part of the cabin crew. Your conduct must be professional, your personality must be appealing and confident, and your communication skills must be to ‘T’. Now, how do you make sure you achieve these goals before your interview? Here you go:


A professional resume is your identity on the day of the interview. Before you enter, it is your resume that makes or breaks your impression. Therefore, it is essential that you follow certain prescribed norms and highlight your skills, qualities, qualifications, and more.

Professional Photograph

You will need 2 studio-clicked photographs in professional attire to present during your interview. One needs to be a standing, full-length photograph and the other a passport-sized photograph. The dimensions and specifications must meet the airline guidelines. Make sure, no Photoshop, no phone-clicked photos and selfies!


Make sure that all your documents are in order. Carry all your certificates, recommendation letters, co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements, and more that add to and highlight your strengths and profile.


A valid Indian passport is another essential document you need. Carry a copy of your valid passport which has a minimum validity of 5 years. Make sure it is in good condition, all pages intact, and the cover clean.

Well-groomed Personality

Grooming is an essential criterion during the interview process since you will be working with a customer-centric profile. You need to maintain airline grooming standards and wear business formals. Men candidates can wear trousers and a shirt and pair them with a smart blazer. Women can opt for a skirt and shirt and again pair it with a smart blazer. Remember,
do not overdress yourself.

Confident Body Language

On the day of the interview, bring the best version of yourself! Your body language should be confident and appealing. Your personality should show that you are a candidate who is warm with customers, is a leader in emergency situations, and overall highlights the values of the airline. Also, remember to wear a genuine smile during your interview.

Communication Skills

For a customer-oriented job profile, your communication skills must be superb. Like every other profession, you too might have to deal with difficult, scared, elderly customers; that’s where your communication skills will help you the most. Above all, since you will be working with airlines your customer base will be from across the world and English is, as everyone knows, a global language. Mastery and command over English is therefore a must-have. Make sure, your fluency shows on the day of the interview. Give clear, crisp, answers.

This is a gist of all that you need for your D-day! Now that you know how to prepare for air hostess/cabin crew interviews, your next step would be undergoing professional training so that your skills are honed and you are ready to take on the challenge!

At a professional institute, you learn from industry experts and competently designed modules that train you in:

 Personality development
 Grooming
 Communication and Spoken English skills
 Overall knowledge of the aircraft
 Essential terminologies, airport codes and more…

Additionally, you are also assisted in:

 Preparing a professional resume
 Documentation
 Mock group discussions
 Mock personal interview sessions
In a cabin crew course, it is always best to trust professionals. If you are looking for specialised training, several institutes offer courses and Skylark Institute of Travel is one of them that provides professional guidance and training.
To know what courses you can choose from, here’s a quick glance:
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Are you looking for specific courses? Well, you can also jump directly to course details from here:
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Begin your cabin crew career with your dream airline today!

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