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How to Start a Career in Travel and Tourism in 3 Months?

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How to Start a Career in Travel and Tourism in 3 Months?- Right out of college and aspiring to make a career in the Travel and Tourism Industry? Be rest assured you can start a career within 3 months and we will tell you how…

Are you a student aspiring to start a career in the travel and tourism industry within 3 months? Wondering which institute can offer you the best training that enables you to start right away? Relax, we have you sorted!

Yes, many institutes offer travel and tourism courses, travel tourism management courses, diploma in tourism, and so much more! But did you know the best institute that can set you on your path to success right after the course is in Delhi? Yes, you read that right! Skylark Institute of Travel is the best travel and tourism institute in Delhi, India and definitely your place to be! Start your training under industry experts with over 35+ years of experience who offer industry-ready courses to chart your way to success. The quality of faculty is topnotch and every tutor invests their time and energy to bring out the best in you.

What’s more, you can take up your travel and tourism courses after 12th or pursue travel and tourism courses after graduation; the choice is yours! Whatever you may choose, once you complete your course, you can start a career in travel and tourism in 3 months!

Let us make it even easier for you… Let’s look at various courses and skills you will learn to kick-start your journey within 3-months!

Courses You Can Choose from:

Classroom Course

Course Name: Career Training as Tour Operator and MICE Professional

Course Provider: Skylark Institute of Travel

Course Duration: 3-months

Learning Outcomes:

This 3-month course will not only prepare you for Indian hospitality but the Global Hospitality sector. Through this course you will:

Gain In-depth Insight into:

Tour operations

·        Domestic and international tours

·        Tourism management

·        Planning and execution of tourism activities

·        Visa and facilitation

·        Tourism products

·        Land, Air, and Sea transport

·        Modes of transport and all about accommodations

Get trained in:

  •  Handling MICE
  • Managing meetings and events
  • Conference Management
  • Handling Incentive Groups
  • Planning, Organizing and Handling major events

Online Courses

Does pursuing a classroom course require you to relocate to a new city? Wondering if you can pursue the course online and begin your career right away from wherever you are? Skylark Virtual Institute makes that possible! It offers online courses both solo and combo courses, designed by industry experts for your success and growth! Let’s check out the courses here:

1.      Travel and Tourism Management – For Course Details, Click Here

2.      MICE Management – For Course Details, Click Here

You can club this with combo courses offered at Skylark Virtual Institute

1.                Aviation & Tourism – For Course Details, Click Here

2.                Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality – For Course Details, Click Here

3.                Travel & Tourism and Ticketing – For Course Details, Click Here

4.                Travel & Tourism and Hospitality – For Course Details, Click Here

Whoa! What promising courses are these! Designed so intrinsically that you can begin your career in the travel and tourism industry within 3 months!

Career Options after a Travel and Tourism Course

A Quick Look at Job Opportunities for You

Sure enough, your next question is about the job opportunities. We have that sorted for you too. With the travel and tourism industry being such an evolving and ever-growing one, you have a definite chance to set up a successful career and explore countless job opportunities!

Let’s take a look at a few roles you can explore:

  1. Airline Industry– The aviation industry is the largest in the tourism industry, and it deals with air travel. There are numerous opportunities in this domain, ranging from ticketing staff to ground staff. Other positions may include operations manager, ground crew officers, etc.

2.      Starting a Travel Company – Is 9-5 not your thing? Do you believe in being your own boss! Then there you go! You can become a travel entrepreneur, you can set up your own travel company.

3.      Tour operators– They are organisations that engage with tour organising and related services for customers. These can include lodging, food, and recreational activities. Schedule planner, international tourism consultant, travel product designer, tour manager, and other positions are typical roles.

4.      Freelance Writer or Travel Blogger– This is a self-employed field where you can post about your tourism experience or write content about them for a company.

5.      Travel agencies– These organisations help with holiday and business hospitality & tourism. Tour operators, travel consultants, travel insurance consultants, sales reservation agents, visa executives, and other positions are possible.

6.      Corporates – Corporates require experts with experience and understanding of the travel and tourism industry to assist customers with travel insurance policy, FOREX, and other financial functions.

What More Career Options Do You Have?

The list is endless but here’s a quick look;

1.      Travel Agent

2.      Customer Service Manager

3.      Travel and Tourism Consultant

4.      Tourism Promoter/Marketer

5.      Event Manager

That’s a lot indeed! What are you waiting for? Acquire the proper skillset and education, land you the perfect job opportunity as you wade your way to find a stream that suits your career goals!

Join Skylark Institute of Travel or Skylark Virtual Institute! Take charge of your career! Begin today!

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