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Cabin Crew

How to Become a Cabin Crew? Steps of Becoming a Cabin Crew

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How to Become a Cabin Crew- A free-for-life paid air travel! That’s too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, not really! Especially when you are the Cabin Crew onboard! Wondering what criteria you need to meet to become one? We have you covered.

Similar to other professions, becoming a cabin crew requires you to fulfil certain pre-requisites.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Age: 18-26 (Maximum 27) – Domestic Airlines/ International Airlines – may vary.
  • Height: 5’2” (155 – 157 Centimeters)
  • Weight: Proportionate to Height
  • Passport: Holder of or Eligible for Indian Passport
  • Vision: 6/6 in both eyes.
  • Communication: Mastery in Spoken English
  • Skin: Clear, no tattoos allowed on visible areas


  • Age: 18-26 (Maximum 27) – Domestic Airlines/ International Airlines – may vary.
  • Height: 5’7” (170-172 Centimeters)
  • Weight: Proportionate to Height
  • Passport: Holder of or Eligible for Indian Passport
  • Vision: 6/6 in both eyes.
  • Communication: Mastery in Spoken English
  • Skin: Clear, no tattoos allowed on visible areas

What about the mandatory educational qualifications? There’s where you have the most leverage! Qualification thankfully is no bar!

How to Become a Cabin Crew?

But is that enough? How may you ensure yourself of landing that dream job? Well, you could complete courses, certifications, and more. Here’s a sneak-peak into courses that are designed for your success.

Courses & Certifications

Course Provider

Stay Home, Stay Safe: Education Goes Digital 

With the ongoing pandemic, does attending a physical class bother you? Makes you worry about yourself and the safety of your dear ones? Well keeping the unprecedented times in mind, institutes have now come up with digital courses that you can pursue from the comfort of your home. No travel required, no comprise on safety, yet you receive the education you need to ace that interview! Here is what you can choose.

Virtual Courses:

All these courses include and cover these must-have skills:

  • English Communication Challenge
  • Personality Enhancement Challenge
  • Art of Grooming
  • Interview Skills

Course Provider

  • Skylark Virtual Institute

Well, that takes care of the additional qualifications. What other things must you master to realize your goal?

Airline Expectations

Being a cabin crew is no piece of cake! It’s a role that comes with great responsibility and therefore airlines sift through multiple applications, countless candidates to pick the best of the lot. Most of all they look for a candidate who is proficient in soft skills, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills. Here are a few to tick off your checklist:

How to Become a Cabin Crew?

Say Yes to ‘Good Communication’, Say Yes to Mastering ‘English’

Cabin crew, flight attendant, or the air hostess; call them what you may, but one thing remains certain, ‘Good Communication’ is what makes them stand out. And if you are keen on becoming one, well you need to up your communication skills, master the English language and you are already on the ladder to success!

How Does Communication Help You?

How to Become a Cabin Crew?
Good Communication is INDISPENSABLE! 

Grooming is the Key

A cabin crew is someone who represents the airline. For a role as important as this, being presentable is of utmost importance. Let’s also remember that this comes under the service industry and requires human interaction on a regular basis. Staying well-groomed is as good as a part of your duty.

A few quick grooming tips for that perfectly presentable look:


  • Outfit: Keep it neat, keep it formal. Choose from the best options – skirt suit, formal dress or pantsuit! 
  • Hair: A bun or a ponytail is your look of the day! 
  • Makeup: Subtlety is the mantra. 
  • Fragrances: Not too strong! Just a mild hint. 
  • Breath: Keep it fresh always!


  • Facial hair: Clean-shaven look is always a great choice!
  • Hairstyling: Neat and trimmed. No greasy looks, please!
  • Outfit: Business formals, laundered, and ironed. 
  • Fragrances: Say no to spraying it all over! Just a mild hint.
  • Breath: Always fresh! 

Personality Speaks

Personality development including the right body language, manners and etiquette, and the right attitude is the first impression you make on the customers. Have you wondered how you approach someone who has a smile on a face rather than someone who looks stern? Well, let’s begin with wearing that smile right!

Airline Selection Process

How to Become a Cabin Crew?

Get the Prep Right!

We have curated a list of things you must keep in mind to ensure that your crack that job. Keep it handy before that D-day!

How to Become a Cabin Crew?

Curriculum Vitae: 

A quick checklist for that perfect CV. 

  • Contact Details
  • Job-Posting Relevant Headline
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills & Competencies
  • Formatting
  • Grammar Check

60 Seconds Is All You Have:

That’s right! It’s the make or breaks 60-second for you! Prepare well, practice a lot, and give it your best shot!

Medical Test:

Eat healthily, sleep well, exercise. Make sure your health parameters are always in good shape.

Group Discussion:

  • Read, Listen, Speak
  • Present relevant points
  • Let the other person finish before you speak

Personal Interview:

  • Be You
  • Bring out your competencies
  • Be well-mannered
  • Be passionate about your role

There you go! You have fulfilled your much-cherished ambition! 

Now that you have read it all; you know it all; it’s time to give wings to your dreams! Make a career in the aviation sector, become a cabin crew. Let Skylark Institute of Travel help you realize your career goals. Know more about the course offered at Skylark Virtual Institute offering best-in-class, expert-designed programs at the click of a finger; sign up to our next webinar here.

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