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7 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Airlines OR Aviation Industry

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7 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Airlines OR Aviation Industry- If travelling and meeting new people is your thing, the aviation industry is definitely your career destination! Let us help you with the advantages you can look forward to!

Right out of school, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of career opportunities you are bombarded with. But with some guidance, you can zero in on which field you would like to pursue. With mainstream careers like engineering, medicine, etc., a quite amazing field that many people overlook is the airline industry. If you are someone who loves travelling, meeting and interacting with new people, then this might just be the opportunity you’re looking for!

There is an extensive range of jobs offered in the airline industry that you can choose depending on your skills and experience. The industry offers many high paying jobs and companies are known to offer special travel discounts and benefits to their employees from time to time. Read along as we list out the advantages of working in the aviation industry.

7 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Airlines OR Aviation Industry :-

1. You Travel Around the World forYou Work in a Diverse and Dynamic Work Environment

When we think about the aviation industry, the first thing that comes to our mind is travelling. Building a career in the airline industry is similar to getting paid for doing what you love! You get to travel across the world and experience all that the world has to offer, while you are at work! You get to meet people from different counties, learn about their culture and you can make friends from all around the world! But we definitely agree; free travel is the icing on the cake!

Likewise, as an airline employee, you will be given excellent benefits like subsidized rates on holiday airport parking, commuter rail travel, pay hikes, holiday entitlements, and a handsome salary to top it all. Also, flight travels, rental cars, hotel accommodations, and most of the leisure activities too can be availed of at a fairly discounted rate.

2. You Work in High Paying Jobs

When compared to other industries, the aviation industry is one of the highest paying fields for a fresher. And this only gets better as you gain more experience. Many jobs involve interpersonal and communication skills. So, you get to learn and hone your skills as you work, all while getting paid! Apart from this, you also get travel discounts for you as well as your eligible family members. Amazing, isn’t it!

3. You Grow Your Network & Build Relationships

When you work in an airline company, your colleagues are like your extended family. You explore new places with them, try new cuisines with them, and indeed turn to them when you need your family the most! What is more, you also meet a new crew, new team, and new people on your every single visit, and bring home new experiences, friends who become family! Did we mention making friends from different cultural backgrounds, yes that too! What a place to be!

4. You Can Choose From a Wide Range of Roles

The airline industry offers an opportunity to people of all ages. Airline companies, as well as airports, hire people for a variety of different jobs. You can be a part of a cabin crew, or as a ground staff flight manage boarding & de-boarding staff, handle ticketing, book baggage, and also join the airline hospitality sector, work as customer service agents, and so much more. You can also start with an entry-level job, and with time, learn the required skills to pursue the jobs you desire to eventually take up. Yes, that’s right you can begin right after completing your Class 12th

But let us also help you with what it takes to join the industry; first off the eligibility criteria. Here you go! 

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Age: 18-26 (Maximum 27) – Domestic Airlines/ International Airlines – may vary.
  • Height: 5’2” (155 – 157 Centimetres)
  • Weight: Proportionate to Height
  • Passport: Holder of or Eligible for Indian Passport
  • Vision: 6/6 in both eyes.
  • Communication: Mastery in Spoken English
  • Skin: Clear, no tattoos allowed on visible areas


  • Age: 18-26 (Maximum 27) – Domestic Airlines/ International Airlines – may vary.
  • Height: 5’7” (170-172 Centimeters)
  • Weight: Proportionate to Height
  • Passport: Holder of or Eligible for Indian Passport
  • Vision: 6/6 in both eyes.
  • Communication: Mastery in Spoken English
  • Skin: Clear, no tattoos allowed on visible areas

5. You Learn Globally Transferable Skills

Irrespective of you wanting to be a part of the airline industry as a long-term career choice or as a temporary one, you are sure to learn some excellent transferable skills which will come in handy for any job you take up. 

While working in the airline sector, you come across several experts, from the industry, from whom you learn skills of people management, appropriate body language, handling emergencies, and so much more than one cannot ordinarily learn easily. Likewise, you get exposure to the global world, learn from the global experts from different countries and add to your skill-base. 

This is turn will help you learn how every role interconnects with the other and establish a solid system that helps the airline industry to function efficiently. In case you work in a technical, electrical, or mechanical role, the skills acquired by working at the airport setting will easily come in handy in any other establishment.

6. Your Employee Perks are Superb!

In addition to all the benefits like travelling, exploring, and growing, a career in the airline industry is a full package of exciting advantages. An airline employee is also insured and gets excellent health care services and child care facilities. Besides, you also get Travelling Allowance, Outstation Allowance, Layover Allowance, Daily Allowance, Hourly-basis pay beyond your regular hours, commuting benefits, stays in luxury hotels during your layovers and so much more!

7. You Have Opportunities to Switch Careers in Related Industries!

Well, you think you have reached a stage where travelling has become hectic for you, what then! Let us tell you, you have no reason to worry! You have multiple careers to switch into in the related industries. You can become a ground staff, teach and groom the next generation of students as an expert from the field, be freelance or full-time trainer, or completely switch into the related industries of hospitality or tourism where your skills are in demand!

Likewise, unlike other industries, another benefit of the airline industry is how it is brimming with job opportunities, given the vast number of airports and commercial airline companies. A majority of the airlines are likely to have a position that just perfectly fits your interests and skillsets. Add to that some qualifications and a little experience, and you are good to embark on a whole new journey in your career. 

With such a wide range of job opportunities within the airline industry, you can very well zero in on an informed decision about your choice of being a part of it. 

Now that you know the advantages of working in the airlines/aviation industry, it’s time to take the next step towards realizing your dream of working and shining in it! It begins with a proper course that meets the industry requirements. Thankfully, we have it ready for you here! Explore these courses and certifications to quick-start your career. 7 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Airlines OR Aviation Industry


Courses & Certifications

  • Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Aviation & Hospitality Management


Course Provider

  • Skylark Institute of Travel, New Delhi

Course Type

  • Classroom

Online Courses:

With the pandemic uncertainty continuing, it’s a must to stay safe. But while we do so, learning must continue and therefore Skylark Virtual Institute, the only institute in India that has introduced online courses on Cabin Crew & Ground Handling that are not only affordable but can be easily completed from the safety of your homes. 

Here are the courses you can choose from:

  • Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career Blueprint – Basic
  • Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career Advanced

All these courses include and training of must-have skills:

  • English Communication
  • Personality Enhancement
  • Art of Grooming
  • Interview Skills

Course Provider

  • Skylark Virtual Institute


Awesome! Not only are the benefits of the career clear, your certification and courses too are sorted! What are you waiting for! Make the most of the opportunity and find out more about the certification here (Add link). And rest assured, you are in the best hands. Skylark Institute of Travel is managed and helmed by industry professionals and experts with over 35+ years of experience! Join them at the next webinar here (Add link).



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