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which course is Required for Airhostess

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If you want to make your career in aviation you might come up with these thoughts such as which course is required for airhostess?, which stream should i choose in 12th to become airhostess?, for air hostess which subject is required?, and at the end which institute should i join to become airhostess.

For Solving all your queries i have come with this blog read along!!

How To Become an Airhostess?

This is how you can become a Airhostess
Applicants can choose from three different career paths. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Pursue air hostess training right after the 12th and apply for a job
  • Complete Graduation, undergo training, and then apply for a job
  • Complete Graduation (relevant) and then directly apply for a job

Note: Airlines usually hire Airhostess based on their skills and abilities. The selection process usually includes a written test and a series of interviews.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become an Air Hostess?

Here are the basic qualifications to become a flight attendant in India:

  • To become a flight attendant, you must complete a 10+2 or equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Applicants who have not completed high school must pass the GED test, ie. General education development test.
  • Preference is given to applicants specializing in hospitality, travel and tourism.
  • Basic computer and math skills can be very helpful.
  • Good English and international language skills are an added advantage.
  • Candidates must complete a 3 to 6 week airline specific training program at a base location.
  • Completing a formal training program will enable you to obtain certificates and licenses from regulatory agencies that regulate all aspects of civil aviation in certain countries, such as: B. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in the US.

Physical and medical requirements for Airhostess

To become a Airhostess, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. The following are the basic physical requirements that airlines need:

Cabin Crew Courses After 12th

  • The minimum age to become a flight attendant is usually 18 or 21 years.
  • Minimum height of applicants must be 5′ – 5’2″.
  • Your weight should be proportional to your height.
  • There should be no visible scars, tattoos or piercings on the body.
  • The applicant must be able to carry a drink or food cart and be able to lift the emergency exit from the window and open the emergency exit.
  • There is no indication of mental illness.
  • Vision tests are mandatory to ensure that the applicant’s distance and near vision is at least 20/40 with glasses or contact lenses.
  • Hearing test without audiometry The better ear loss is greater than 40 dB when the loss averages at 500 or 100 or 2000 Hz.
  • Applicant must pass the DOT fingerprint test and drug screening test.

How to become a Airhostess after Class 10th

To become a Airhostess, you must pass every high school level course.
Start preparing for entrance exams like AIAEE, NCHMCT JEE, AEEE, etc. after completing high school while still enrolled in high school (10+2) to gain admission to a reputable aviation institute.

which course is Required for Airhostess

After passing Class 12th or Completing Graduation students have the opportunity to continue their education with a Diploma in aviation courses. The Course can be from 10 months to 12 months depends on the institute from which you are pursuing as in Skylark Institute of Travel the Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality Management Course’s duration is 10 months.

Which Stream or Subject to choose in class 12th to become airhostess?

The minimum requirements and subjects required to work as an air hostess are 10+2 certification or diploma after class 12. Students from any stream (science/commerce/arts) are eligible to pursue a career as an air hostess; they only need to have English as one of the mandatory subjects in class 10+2.

which institute to join for airhostess Course?

Well, the Answer is Skylark Institute of Travel which is best Airhostess Training institute in Delhi, India as they provide 100% Placement, you will also learn under experts who have 35+ experience and the best thing is the courses here are at affordable prices. You can Also opt for Virtual Training if you have problem in Training.

So, why are you waiting Register today at Skylark Institute of Travel feel free to enquire.

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