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Why to choose cabin crew as career

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Why to choose cabin crew as career- For those who love flying and traveling, cabin crew is a great career choice. Prestigious jobs come with many perks. Many people are attracted by the luxurious lifestyle of cabin crew, as well as the financial independence that adds to the profession.

Because cabin crew are always on board, they have the added responsibility of making air travel safe and comfortable for passengers. Different airlines offer different benefits for their cabin crew. This benefit also depends on the assignment of the crew and whether the crew works on domestic or international flights.

That’s why working flexible hours, meeting new people every day, and experiencing great things, being a Cabin Crew Member is undoubtedly one of the best jobs in the world. Here are some of the benefits that flight attendants enjoy.

Explore the world and get paid for it
The biggest advantage is that you can travel around the world. As a member of the cabin crew, you can wake up each day to fly to a new location. Best of all, crew members travel free of charge while serving passengers on board. Every trip is paid. Sometimes your destination requires a stopover so you need to explore the country or place.

Free travel and flight options
Traveling is part of the crew’s job, so they have time between flights to explore new places. Because many airlines provide flight benefits or extra miles to cabin crew, they can fly for free even when they are not on duty. There are several airlines that offer discounted cabin crew tickets for all airlines. Free flights are usually offered by on-call flight attendants.

Flexible working hours
Being a crew member isn’t your typical 9-to-5 job. All airlines want their crew members to be well rested for a safe flight. Airlines usually limit the number of hours cabin crew can work. However, you can work on weekends or on special occasions.

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Meal reimbursement
As a crew member, you will receive free meals during the trip or meal refunds. Airlines offer snacks and meals to their cabin crew. In addition, crew members are reimbursed for eating off the ship while on duty. Employees prepaid these expenses or checked their meal receipts to recoup them. Crew members also have access to five-star hotels and restaurants while on the job.

Improve social skills through meeting new people
Another benefit of being a crew member is meeting new people every day. Because flight attendants interact with passengers every day, they have the opportunity to talk to them, listen to their questions, and respond with the best and most efficient solutions. Since crew members have to deal with passengers in the air, they must have great interpersonal skills and resolve conflict situations while being assertive but pleasant.

The benefits of flying for family and friends
Most often, flight services are extended to families of crew members. Many airlines allow parents and children of crew members to fly for free or at reduced rates. Usually this allowance is for the spouse and is used for time off from work. Flight attendants also receive a limited number of free tickets per year to give to family or friends.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What motivated you to become a cabin crew member?
Some of the reasons people become cabin crew are to follow their childhood dream of flying, enjoy working with new people and get new experiences every day, start a new lifestyle with exciting opportunities open to them, interest in travel, socializing and entertaining new people. every day.

What are the advantages of working at an airline?
Airline employees enjoy a variety of benefits. The main benefit is free or discounted airfare, even for crew members’ families. They also receive medical and post-discharge benefits. You also benefit from a paid stay including accommodation, transportation etc.

What is the most important thing for cabin crew?
One of the most important cabin crew skills is customer service. All of their work is based on keeping them safe and comfortable. You have to do everything possible to make the passenger’s journey unforgettable. Listening to passengers and responding to their questions in a timely manner ensures smooth flight operations. Plus, a positive and friendly attitude, no matter what challenges may come up, makes for a smooth and efficient trip.

What are the 3 advantages of aviation?
The global aviation industry is growing and governments are now prioritizing air travel. This sector generates economic growth, facilitates international tourism and travel, and creates a large number of jobs. Hence, these factors increase the national wealth of each country; Steps are being taken to improve the air transport sector.

What are the pros and cons of being a cabin crew member?
Here are some of the biggest pros and cons of having cabin crew;


  • The ability to travel and get paid for it
  • Get free or discounted airline tickets
  • Valuable experience and exciting new adventures


  • Lack of sleep along with stress
  • Long hours and no socializing
  • Less time for family and friends

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